所属专辑:Acoustic Daydreams
演唱者: Galen Crew
in the year of our lord 1239公元1239年
there once lived a girl of the royal line有一位有着王室血统的女孩
the ancient stories do recall ?根据古老的故事所讲述的
she was the fairest of them all她是最美的(女孩)
in the castle made of stone在石制的城堡里
every night she slept alone她每晚独自长眠
any noice that would raise the dead任何连亡者都能惊醒的声音
couldn't wake her sleepyhead都无法唤醒她
the stranger came from the foreign land遥远的国度来了一位陌生人
asking for the maiden's hand希望与她结为连理
her father said no go away她的父亲说,不行,走开
she's gonna marry a king one day她某天终会嫁给一个国王
the stranger he came back again那个陌生人离开后又回来了
riding with 10 thousand men带着10万兵马
the battle cries few always dread ?战斗的呼喊能吓破胆
but couldn't wake her sleepyhead但还是无法唤醒她
the fighting lasted all day long战斗持续了一整天
but the castle wall‘s very thick and strong但城堡的墙壁又厚又强
the stranger cried let her decide陌生人高喊,让她决定吧
where her true affections lie她的心意究竟属于谁
so the king knocked on her door于是国王敲响了她的门
only you can end this war只有你能结束这场战争 (国王对公主所说的话)
no one knows how the story ends没人知道这个故事的结尾
did she ever wake again?她醒来了么?
will she ever wake again?她还会醒来么?